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InBiz themeInbiz theme is a wide fixed-layout wordpress theme. ‘InBiz’ is not related with ‘look and feel’ of design anyway, but more came from my wish to rising my biz.

Using an image on top right, hoping that the overall look not look too rigid, due to lots of page component inside it. I still finding the perfect font for this theme. So I am not released it yet to public. Finally released.


InBiz theme


  • Wider layout, to fit 1024 pixel screen. Seems everybody is moving to this size :)
  • 5 widgetized areas: sidebar-top, sidebar-mid-left, sidebar-mid-right, sidebar-bottom and footer (still not enough?!)
  • jQuery Tabs for recent posts, recent comments and most viewed
  • Tab menu for page link


  • WP-PostViews plugin is required to make “Most-Viewed” tab working


You can see the demo here


Consider a donation.



Not yet released for public

Fixing broken tabs on WordPress 2.5

If you have modified Inbiz, prior to WordPress 2.5, you can fix the broken tabs

  • find in functions.php in template
    wp_enqueue_script('thickbox', '/wp-content/themes/inBiz/js/ui.tabs.pack.js', array('jquery'), '3');
  • replace with
    wp_enqueue_script('ui.tabs', '/wp-content/themes/inBiz/js/ui.tabs.pack.js', array('jquery'), '3');


  • Fixing broken tabs on WordPress 2.5
  • 19 February 2008, fixing tab-misplaced recent comments
  • 16 February 2008, for any reasons there’s an error undefined “the_title_attribute()”. You can correcting it by editing that to “the_title()” or please download the latest one
  • 13 February 2008, released to public
  • 6 October 2007, version 1.0 beta

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