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Bandung, Indonesia

React Native

Sunaryo Hadi

Starting as a web developer since 1997, when early coding technologies for web development in ColdFusion, ASP, Microsoft SQL.  Before that, I am used to be an application programmer. I am working for, built some popular sites, such as:

Have been working in world-class web company (now known as  for about a year.

I also handling web server (Windows server and Centos), and lately using some Google Cloud technologies for most my work.

I am mostly working as a remote freelancer, at my home in Bandung, Indonesia. But, I can be hired as fulltime remote work.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me, for your requirements.

WordPress Theme Specialist

Since 2012, I am starting working on WordPress development (themes, plugins) . Actually, my first love to WordPress began since version 2.x. Along the way, WordPress now more matured and became number one CMS used in the world. Lots of application types now develop using WordPress, like: eCommerce, Support and etc. Currently, I am trying to using Gutenberg as upcoming WordPress features, here, in this theme.

React Native (Android & IOS Application)

In the last 2+ years, I have also built Apps using React Native. My latest App is Breederkoi (please check this, for IOS and Android)


Mostly using Slim Framework for router, Twig for templating. This framework also used for Restful-API for React Native App.


For CSS, my favorite, for some reasons, is Bourbon family and HTML 5.

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