TypoXP 2.0

TypoXP 2.0TypoXP 2.0 is the next version of my previous popular wordpress themeTypoXP.

The key feature of this release is Widgetized. With this theme, even a new user of WordPress will get nice experience using TypoXP theme.

TypoXP has some modifications, like: TypoXP ReloadedTypoXP Kirk Walsh,TypoXP Revisited. There’s also some several translation version to many languages.

I hope this latest release not redundant with current modifcations version. In fact, it might be easier for them to extend. I still keep simplified the CSS/Layout, so it should be easier to extend or modify it.


To get the advantage of this theme, you have to install WordPress Widgets plugin. For WordPress 2.x+, this plugin is already embedded.


TypoXP 2.0


Check out the demo here»



  • 1st Oct 2007 (v.2.0.2).
    Minor correction on CSS, supporting WordPress 2.3. Please check FAQ below if you have modify previous TypoXP 2.0, to see the changes.
  • 18th May 2007 (v.2.0.1).
    Correcting bug on widget after upgraded to WordPress 2.2
  • 21th April 2007. First released of v.2.0





Henrik Schack has done a great work doing the Localization TypoXP using Danish translation.

Please get yours here TypoXP 2.0 Localization (include Danish sample translation “da_DK.mo”).

Plugin Supported

TypoXP 2.0 are prepared to display/working properly with this plugins.

Btw, if you’ve found a plugin which considered to be important and affect the theme, please let me know.

Recomended Plugin

This plugins are not directly affected the theme. But I strongly recommend to install to get your blog are more friendly to SEO, etc.


With all supported plugins above, your blog would be complete enough as a good blog.
Still not enough? Let me hear from you.


There’s some ID changes on WordPress 2.3. So please add this to style.css

#sidebar ul li#categories-1 h2,#sidebar ul li#categories-2 h2,
#sidebar ul li#categories-3 h2,#sidebar ul li#categories-4 h2,
#sidebar ul li#categories-5 h2,#sidebar ul li#categories-6 h2 {background: transparent url(img/folder.png) no-repeat top left;}
#sidebar ul li#tag_cloud {background: transparent url(img/tags.png) no-repeat top left; padding-left: 20px; }
#sidebar ul li#tag_cloud h2 {padding-left:0;}
#sidebar ul li#tag_cloud a {line-height:1.2em;}

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