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This is my experimental using typo. So I named it TypoXP or Typo-eXPerimental, not ‘Typo eXPerience’, lol. Almost no-graphics, except there’s a lot of icons. Simple 3-column and 1024px width resolution. Great for blogger who write mostly in text.

This theme designed for WordPress 2.x. Feel free to download this WordPress Theme.

I encourage you to get the new version The Widgetized TypoXP 2.0.









Other popular themes based on TypoXP:

  • TypoXP Reloaded 1.1 – download – Test run
  • TypoXP Revisited 1.0 – download – Test run

Release Note

  • Please also check TypoXP Reloaded, another version of TypoXP developed by Everton Blair – London, which enchanced with some new functionality, widgets and features.
  • mod DE (1st Oct 2006)
    Mod version of TypoXP for DE users. Thanks to Yoschi for the efforts.
  • v.1.0.3 (28th May 2006)
    Correcting comment author link, not working on firefox. Thanks to Edlef.
  • v.1.0.2 (21th May 2006)
    Correcting bug on 404.php page. Thanks to Sourabh.
    Fixing Comments on number and clear.
  • v.1.0.1 (3rd May 2006)
    Now, also support gravatars.
    Correcting some little bug, like still have horizonal scroll bug. But this theme still have fixed width and require 1024x800px or up.
    Thanks for LadydelalunaRed-StarMoshu and the rest on WordPress Forum
  • v.1.0 (30th April 2006)
    First Announce and released after 1 May 2006

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