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Twenty Thirteen WordPress theme not official launched yet. These theme seem will shipped with new version of WordPress 3.6 that planned to release at the end of April 2013. But as WordPress theme maker, also as a base point of view, I already like with the features, of course, and coding behind it. What is new?


The new style.css seem more structural look. This will bring a big impact to the WordPress theme developer which using official theme as a base, since the code is more neat, easy to read  and separated for each sections.

* Table of Contents:
* 1.0 - Reset
* 2.0 - Repeatable Patterns
* 3.0 - Site Structure
* 4.0 - Header
* 4.1 - Site Header
* 4.2 - Navigation
* 5.0 - Content
* 5.1 - Entry Header
* 5.2 - Entry Meta
* 5.3 - Entry Content
* 5.4 - Galleries

The ‘css reset’ part now switched to, rather using the old reset of Eric Meyer.

In this theme also included the Genericons font which nicely added to replace the requirements of icons graphics. Here’s how to use it inside css

.edit-link a:before {
content: "\f411";
top: -1px;
position: relative;

Since WordPress 3.6 will support some new custom type by default, eg: ‘audio’, ‘video’, ‘chat’, and etc, the style also has more format css style.

There’s also more Media Queries dimension, ranged from max-width 359px for mobile to 1599 to support most monitor screen nowadays.

The Look

I am not a big fan of default theme of WordPress. But for this Twenty Thirteen WordPress theme, seem a big difference in look appears compared to previous released theme.



The new default theme seem trying to running-away from gray-boxed-style, but yet still minimalist.  Great styling for each post-type. Loved it, but still I won’t use it for my blog anyway.

The code

The WordPress 3.6 bring some new features. Here’s is the code in functions.php

add_theme_support( 'structured-post-formats', array(
'link', 'video'
) );
add_theme_support( 'post-formats', array(
'aside', 'audio', 'chat', 'gallery', 'image', 'quote', 'status'
) );

The theme now ‘must’ styling each format type to deliver different look. And it is.

Also added new Google fonts for header and body. Header using “Bitter” font and the body using “Source Sans Pro”.  In Twenty Twelve theme, is using Open Sans as base font.

I am not so sure why the team choose this new base font rather than ‘Open Sans’ which more widely support for more character  (Cyrillic Extended, Latin, Greek Extended , Greek, Vietnamese, Latin Extended and Cyrillic).  ‘Source Sans Pro’ not support this extended character. So if you are likely using this spesific character, you’ll have to change the code inside functions.php your self.

There is also new javascript ‘functions.js’ which replace navigation.js in previous theme. Also, new version jQuery and it’s default plugin delivered by WordPress 3.6, even though this is not part of theme, but the theme now can deliver masonry to the footer,  Nice!

The other part of code (php), seem not much change from previous release.  Only adding some template part for each post type.

Need this theme? You can download inside nightly build WordPress 3.6.


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