Lenses for Canon Digital – a Wish List

This lenses is my wish list. The option is choosing  Sigma or Tamron.

Not sure about the price in Indonesia. I must call first to check the availibilty and price. Anyway, Sigma lenses status is still ‘available soon’, and Tamron status ‘NEW’.

  • NISSIN PHOTO (u/ Tamron)
    Jl H. Agus Salim No. 40, Jakarta 10340.
    Ph: 021-3192 6644
  • JPC Kemang (u/ Sigma.)
    Jl. Kemang Raya 47C,Jakarta 12730,
    Ph: (021)718-0487, (021)718-2531

Gimana nih Om Taufik? Atau ada yang mau ngasih saran? Tamron atau Sigma?
Atau Mas Indroo kali yang ngasih comment.


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