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Gee Photoblog Theme

I always wanted have my own photoblog. In my busy time, I concept a simple theme design for it. In other side, I have good Dark background, 2 or 3 column, with sidebar in the right. WordPress 2.5 has able to manage media file more diligently. I just need to find how I can get the attachment and all image now is manageable in the front.

With the touch of jQuery and jQuery Gallerific plugin, I have created this nice Gee Photoblog Theme (at least for me).

There’s 2 type posting: article and photo album. Since also I need an event notes for my self, I also addEvent Calendar plugin for it. Well, seem now all perfect fits with my needs.

If you need too look this theme is work, please visit my photoblog

Important Note:

I am not planning to share this theme. Sorry guys …


InBiz WordPress theme

InBiz themeInbiz theme is a wide fixed-layout wordpress theme. ‘InBiz’ is not related with ‘look and feel’ of design anyway, but more came from my wish to rising my biz.

Using an image on top right, hoping that the overall look not look too rigid, due to lots of page component inside it. I still finding the perfect font for this theme. So I am not released it yet to public. Finally released.


InBiz theme


  • Wider layout, to fit 1024 pixel screen. Seems everybody is moving to this size :)
  • 5 widgetized areas: sidebar-top, sidebar-mid-left, sidebar-mid-right, sidebar-bottom and footer (still not enough?!)
  • jQuery Tabs for recent posts, recent comments and most viewed
  • Tab menu for page link


  • WP-PostViews plugin is required to make “Most-Viewed” tab working


You can see the demo here


Consider a donation.



Not yet released for public

Fixing broken tabs on WordPress 2.5

If you have modified Inbiz, prior to WordPress 2.5, you can fix the broken tabs

  • find in functions.php in template
    wp_enqueue_script('thickbox', '/wp-content/themes/inBiz/js/ui.tabs.pack.js', array('jquery'), '3');
  • replace with
    wp_enqueue_script('ui.tabs', '/wp-content/themes/inBiz/js/ui.tabs.pack.js', array('jquery'), '3');


  • Fixing broken tabs on WordPress 2.5
  • 19 February 2008, fixing tab-misplaced recent comments
  • 16 February 2008, for any reasons there’s an error undefined “the_title_attribute()”. You can correcting it by editing that to “the_title()” or please download the latest one
  • 13 February 2008, released to public
  • 6 October 2007, version 1.0 beta
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Terdaftar di “Sandbox Designs Competition”

Akhirnya foto kuku-jempol (thumbnail) saya (narsis- mode:On) terpampang di halaman peserta Sandbox Designs Competition. Hari ini ada 31 peserta yang terpampang di halaman tersebut, namun mungkin pesertanya lebih dari itu dan WordPress theme yang disubmit tentu saja lebih banyak lagi. Total theme ada 46 design. Ada peserta lain dari Indonesia yang sudah submit sejak “jauh hari” sebelum penutupan … yaJauhari.

Sama seperti waktu ArenaWP, saya tidak lebih dari penggembira saja dari lomba ini. Karena pada dasarnya saya memang baru jadi web designer, yang sedang senang mengotak-atik hand-coded CSS/XHMTL. Kebanyakan pengalaman saya sebagai tukang bikin script atau ‘tukang nyekrip’.

Saya sempat menyampaikan tentang kompetisi ini ke Didats, peserta yang dulu sempat barengan ikutan kompetisi di ArenaWP. Namun rupanya kesibukan dengan Projek30-nya membuatnya tidak sempat ikutan kompetisi lagi. Atau kebanyakan proyek sampingan ya Dats?

Jauhari sendiri adalah seorang sangat rajin membuat theme untuk WordPress dan Blog. Mungkin karena belajar dari Isnaini yang juga populer sebagai penyedia theme gratis. Tapi kalau boleh saya bilang, Jauhari sangat produktif membuat theme WordPress. Silahkan kunjungi Jauhari Free Theme untuk mengunduh file tersebut.

Keunikan Sandbox

Sandbox adalah framework dasar WordPress theme. Dengan menggunakan ini, anda tidak usah lagi mengotak-atik HTML (untuk kompetisi ini malah tidak boleh di otak atik), tapi justru mengotak-atik CSSnya. Ini dia yang membuat repot. Karena biasanya, saya mengambil dari hasil desain grafis, kemudian baru mendefinisikan dalam CSS/XHTML.

Walhasil, dari rencana saya membuat nuansa hijau segar, ujung-ujungnya malah jadi coklat. Entah bagaimana dalam proses bisa berubah. Mungkin karena proses pengerjaan diburu-buru (dalam 2 hari) yang membuat design jadi amburadul hehehe.

Untuk melihat preview dari thumbnail hasil design saya, silahkan lihat di SandBox-Prima. Kok bisa jauh ya …. dari hijau ke coklat?

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TypoXP 2.0

TypoXP 2.0TypoXP 2.0 is the next version of my previous popular wordpress themeTypoXP.

The key feature of this release is Widgetized. With this theme, even a new user of WordPress will get nice experience using TypoXP theme.

TypoXP has some modifications, like: TypoXP ReloadedTypoXP Kirk Walsh,TypoXP Revisited. There’s also some several translation version to many languages.

I hope this latest release not redundant with current modifcations version. In fact, it might be easier for them to extend. I still keep simplified the CSS/Layout, so it should be easier to extend or modify it.


To get the advantage of this theme, you have to install WordPress Widgets plugin. For WordPress 2.x+, this plugin is already embedded.


TypoXP 2.0


Check out the demo here»



  • 1st Oct 2007 (v.2.0.2).
    Minor correction on CSS, supporting WordPress 2.3. Please check FAQ below if you have modify previous TypoXP 2.0, to see the changes.
  • 18th May 2007 (v.2.0.1).
    Correcting bug on widget after upgraded to WordPress 2.2
  • 21th April 2007. First released of v.2.0





Henrik Schack has done a great work doing the Localization TypoXP using Danish translation.

Please get yours here TypoXP 2.0 Localization (include Danish sample translation “”).

Plugin Supported

TypoXP 2.0 are prepared to display/working properly with this plugins.

Btw, if you’ve found a plugin which considered to be important and affect the theme, please let me know.

Recomended Plugin

This plugins are not directly affected the theme. But I strongly recommend to install to get your blog are more friendly to SEO, etc.


With all supported plugins above, your blog would be complete enough as a good blog.
Still not enough? Let me hear from you.


There’s some ID changes on WordPress 2.3. So please add this to style.css

#sidebar ul li#categories-1 h2,#sidebar ul li#categories-2 h2,
#sidebar ul li#categories-3 h2,#sidebar ul li#categories-4 h2,
#sidebar ul li#categories-5 h2,#sidebar ul li#categories-6 h2 {background: transparent url(img/folder.png) no-repeat top left;}
#sidebar ul li#tag_cloud {background: transparent url(img/tags.png) no-repeat top left; padding-left: 20px; }
#sidebar ul li#tag_cloud h2 {padding-left:0;}
#sidebar ul li#tag_cloud a {line-height:1.2em;}

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Simply-Vic wordpress theme

Simply-Vic is a Simply Clean, 2 Column, fixed, with a little touch of Victorian Style.





See the demo here Simply Vic Demo site


Release Notes