About Me

Hati-hati ketuker sama Achmad Dani-nya  Dewa I am became a web developer since 1997. I am used to be an application programmer.

My expertise area is : WordPress Theme, ColdFusion, ASP, WordPress theme. Have been working in world-class web company xhtmlized.com for about a year, I also have experience in handling web server (even a hosting one). Please see my resume for the details.

Lately, I switch only focused to WordPress (see below). So, if you need to use my service: Design (PSD/Fireworks) to WordPress, CSS/HTML to WordPress or just create CSS/HTML, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

WordPress Theme Specialist

Since 2012, I work only on WordPress development (themes, plugins) . Actually, my first love to WordPress began since version 2.x. Along the way, WordPress now more matured and became number one CMS used in the world. Lots of application types now develop using WordPress, like: eCommerce, Support and etc.

Short detail In Indonesian only

Sebenarnya saya lebih suka disebut web developer daripada ColdFusion Programmer. Bekerja di adelva.com, sebuah konsultan web di Jakarta. Sempat fulltime di xhtmlized.com dan kini saya menjalankan sendiri. Silahkan lihat juga resume saya.